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What's New in FotoSlate 4?

Last Updated: May 28, 2012 03:04PM PDT
Create scrapbooks or photo albums
Start the Photo Album Wizard to create eye-pleasing scrapbooks or photo albums. You can choose from a range of photo album templates, then add your own photos.

Easily select page layouts for 8.5 x 11 or A4 paper sizes in portrait or landscape.

Rotate image objects
Freely rotate images or text to add creative interest to your projects. In the Page Designer, each text or image has a handle that allows you to spin images and text to any angle.

Add holidays to calendars
Add annual holidays, including local settings, to your customized calendar. Use the improved Calendar Wizard, or open the Calendar Object Properties dialog box and then select the Special Days tab. You can personalize your calendars by adding birthdays, anniversaries, reminders, or even fun comments.

Easily add country-specific holidays to your calendar by selecting from the Add Holidays drop-down list, then polish it further by changing the size, color, or font-type for a special day.

Apply shaped image objects
It's now fast and easy to add style to your project. Select from the new image template shapes at the touch of a key. Shape an image into a 5-pointed star, heart, oval, or circle using the Preset Shapes drop-down list in the Image Object Properties dialog box. Your projects will instantly take on innovative and eye-catching forms.

Improved templates and background images
FotoSlate 4 gives you the ability to make photo albums out of your photos using a variety of thoughtfully designed, easy-to-use project templates.

Choose from a number of multiple page templates that include beautiful backgrounds like Snowy Days, Summer Days, Autumn Leaves, Birthday, Vacation, and many more.

FotoSlate 4 also makes it possible for you to use textures or your own images as page backgrounds in projects. You can crop, rotate, or apply filters to your backgrounds, whether they are templates or images from your own collection.

If you are in a rush, simply choose one of FotoSlate 4's many template backgrounds, then drag and drop it onto your page. All of the available background templates print easily and to high-quality standards.

Improvements to the Image List
You can now change the order of thumbnails in the Image List using the Sort Thumbnails option under the View menu. You can sort thumbnails by name, size, type, or when they were last modified. This new feature allows you to skim through and organize your images in record time before you insert them in your project.

You can also set the thumbnail size of the images in the Image List to small, medium, or large. This allows you to see either many smaller thumbnails in the list, or each larger thumbnail in greater detail.

Once you have used an image in a project, a checkmark on the image shows that it is already in your current project. This prevents you from mistakenly using an image twice, or wasting valuable time searching for duplicate images or text in your projects.

Re-ordering pages in a project
You can now re-order the pages in a project using drag-and-drop. When you drag a page, a red insertion line appears to show you where the page will appear. If you make a mistake, use the Undo/Redo to instantly return your page to its previous position.

For added convenience and speed, you can also copy and paste existing project pages - both within and across projects.

Retain text settings
FotoSlate 4 now remembers the last font you used and makes it easy for you to get it back.

Save your projects in .pdf format
FotoSlate 4 brings you the power of saving in Portable Document Format (.pdf), which automatically compresses your files for easier, glitch-free storage. Having access to this universal file format makes it much easier for you to share your project across platforms or over the Internet.

Choose from over 100 new frames
Put the perfect finishing touch to your print projects with frames that come in a variety of themes including family, wedding, travel, sports, and many more. 

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